Diverse pumping services for residential and commercial clients located near Brenham, Texas 77833.

Septic Pumping

Septic tank inspection and pumping services


lift Stations

Lift Station Pumping - Emergency Assistance


Commercial Grease

Pump, Transport, and Disposal of Grease Traps


Sludge Pumping

Pump, Transport, and Disposal of Liquid Sludge

Service Area:

G & L Wastewater Services covers an area of about a 100 mile radius surrounding the Washington County / Brenham area.
Counties we service include:
Brenham, Bellville, Waller, Columbus, Sealy, La Grange, Giddings, Somerville, Caldwell, Bryan, College Station, Navasota, Anderson, and, Hempstead.

Septic Tank Pumping:

G & L Wastewater Services offers pumping, transporting and disposal services for residential and commercial customers in our service area. There are several different types of septic systems that we pump which include: conventional, aerobic, holding tank, and residential household grease traps. Some tanks are accessible from ground level either by an access port from the septic tank lid or by a ground level riser that opens to reach down below ground level to another port or access point to the septic tank. Often, tanks can be deep enough in the ground to require our serviceman to use a small towable backhoe to remove the dirt and possibly landscaping to provide access into the septic tank. We cannot pump from a vent pipe or “cleanout”. The opening or pipe must be directly over the septic tank and lead into the tank for a hose to reach into to vacuum the waste. When scheduling to have your aerobic or pump system vacuumed, ask your certified aerobic maintenance provider for any special instructions he/she may have regarding your system being pumped. We can schedule pumping your system that accommodates the maintenance provider or plumber when or if a repair is needed. Please let our office know if you will be abandoning your system after being pumped so that we can submit the manifest to the local environmental office or you may choose to submit it on your own but we strongly urge all of our customers to keep all manifests or job tickets for future references.

Commercial Grease Traps:

G & L Wastewater Services offers pumping, transporting and disposal services for commercial grease traps often found at restaurants and food service businesses. Our commercial grease trap customers include many local school districts, independently owned and franchise restaurants, hospitals, camps, nursing homes, lakes, parks, and golf courses. We can provide emergency services for commercial grease traps however, we strongly urge our commercial customers to be put on a scheduled route. Our disposal facility is at the Still Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Bryan, Texas. When servicing the grease trap enough time has to be allowed for transporting and disposing of the grease trap waste. Additionally, we strive not to disturb or disrupt the normal flow of business when onsite. When scheduling, we try to arrange service during non-peak hours to not inconvenience employees or customers. When pumping a commercial grease trap, an unpleasant odor may linger which is another reason to schedule during non-peak hours. Check with local city or county agencies on any requirements on the frequency of pumping the grease trap. As a courtesy, when asked, we will gladly fax a completed and stamped manifest to local city or county offices once paperwork has been processed. We also urge all of our customers to keep on file the stamped manifest that is given out.

Lift Stations:

G & L Wastewater Services also provides pumping for lift stations for cities, private developments and entities. Typically, we are called upon during a break in a city or neighborhood line that requires a pump truck to act quickly to absorb the excess waste that can potentially create a hazardous spill. We also work with plumbers and engineers when a repair may need to be made to a line or pump.

Sludge Pumping Services:

G & L Wastewater Services is also permitted to pump, transport, and dispose of liquid sludge which has to be transported to the Still Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Bryan, Texas. Like our commercial grease traps, we strongly urge our sludge customers to call ahead of time to schedule a sludge pumping service but can be available for an emergency if need be.

Septic Inspections:

G & L Wastewater Services provides septic inspections for those who may be personally interested in purchasing a home or dwelling or perhaps for lenders who may require a septic inspection for buying or selling a home. Our serviceman is certified through the NAWT (National Association or Wastewater Transporters). The type of septic inspection that we are certified to provide includes:

· Initial phone interview which asks questions about the septic system if they are known such as the number of tank(s), size or capacity, age of system, etc.


· Pumping entire system which may include necessary digging and unearthing the ground around the tank(s). Landscaping may be disturbed depending on where the tank(s) are located.


· Completed inspection data sheet.


· Referral for additional repairs or services if needed.